1) What are the eligibility requirements to obtain professional counselor licensure? In Pennsylvania, here is the link to eligibility requirements. Here is a link for New York City  and a link to New Jersey eligibility requirements.  I have licensure pending in both New Jersey and NYC.


2) What is the process for you to become my supervisor?  Read over my information, approaches and background. If still interested, contact me about scheduling a Zoom meeting to discuss your requirements.  Proof of malpractice liability insurance will be required before supervision can start.


3) Is there a fee for your clinical services?  Yes, I charge an hourly fee.


4) Do you offer group clinical supervision?  At this time, I am offering individual.  In the future, there may be opportunity for group supervision.


5) Can your office be my place of clinical experience or site?  My office is not a clinical supervision site.  As a practitioner in private practice, I am unable to offer my office as a clinical site.


6) What is the method of delivery for supervision?  I am open to in-person and virtual meets.  At this time, due to COVID-19, virtual meetings are available.


7) What paperwork is needed for supervision to begin?  You will receive a contract to sign and a professional disclosure statement about myself.  The details of the paperwork and requirements of supervision will be reviewed and discussed in detail with you before the supervision start and throughout the process.


8) Can you be my clinical supervisor and therapist?  No, that is an ethical violation.  I can only serve in one role.



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