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Katrina is an engaging and enthusiastic presenter. She has worked in the industries of higher education, public health, and workforce development. Former audiences include adults, adult learners (i.e., non-traditional students), undergraduate and graduate-level students, community residents, non-profit organizational staff, and administration.

Her presentations are interactive, engaging, reflective, and full of discussion. Personalize services and activities to meet your organization's needs. Feel free to email Katrina at  for more information.

Topics to consider:

  • Effective Communication in the Workplace

  • Group Dynamics and Hierarchy

  • Implicit Bias

  • Self-Care and the Importance of Rest

  • Work Place Conflict and Resolution

  • Or suggest a topic or theme


Due to the recent divisiveness in our country (e.g., COVID and vaccine mandates), consider holding a safe space for your staff and administration to vent and process the impact on their work-life balance. If there is a crisis or traumatic event at your place of employment, consider hiring Katrina, a licensed mental health practitioner. She can offer crisis intervention and mental health counseling to those impacted by the event. Individual and group counseling services include 1) helping survivors process the event and understand their responses, 2) preventing stress and further developing mental health conditions, 3) assisting survivors with identifying strengths and coping mechanisms, and 4) providing survivors' linkage to social agencies for recovery. Send Katrina an email at if you would like more information about these services.



Offer a mental wellness program or health activities in the workplace to reduce stress, healthcare costs, and to increase productivity. 



Enhance your clinical skills as a masters-level or entry-level counselor. Grow professionally with an experienced clinician who values multiculturalism.