​​​​Are you on the same page as your partner?

Unresolved issues with a parent, caregiver, or a family member?

The Healthy Relationship package can help resolve many things between a partner, friend, spouse, parent, and/or family member.


Discussion topics may include:  

  • ​Safety and Security concerns
  • Intimacy, Sex and Attraction
  • ​Trust and Honesty in your relationship
  • ​Conflict Resolution 
  • Communication 
  • ​Past trauma
  • ​Finances and Money
  • Emotional and Physical Supports
  • ​Lifestyle

A package like this is typically $300.00 USD.  At KEP Life Skills, it's only $125 for two sessions with up to two people. (add 3% with Paypal payment)



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to increasing your success.

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Coaching services provide you with the ease of sitting in your home, at the office, at the diner, at the library, on the beach, or wherever you may be to stay on track with your goals.

The face to face meet is convenient for you to chat with me, your provider, by using video conferencing software.

No computer, no problem.  All cellphones are equipped with cameras and have access to the Internet that make a video conference meet as easy as 1, 2, 3.  

(Check with your cellphone provider about applicable fees if necessary).

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Coaching services are not confined to office hours.

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​​Out of work and don't know where to look for a job...

Feeling stuck at your current place of work...

At a dead end job and don't have an escape plan...

Have ideas for a start-up business, but don't know what to do next...

I can help.  

As a Job Coach, I can 

  • Evaluate and advise about employability to include basic skills or "soft skills."  
  • Utilize interest and aptitude assessment tools to better help you figure out a viable career path.
  • Educate about effective employee interaction and engagement, job search tips, and conflict resolution strategies for on the job communication.
  • Offer support and next steps to facilitate your professional and personal growth.

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